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Laser cutting

Using laser beam we can cut wide range of matterials like paper, plywood, Plexiglas or wood with width of several milimeters.

Laser cutting is very effective due to thin cut, high precision and good speed of cutting, which depends on the width and hardness of the material. Because there is no need of any cutting forms, it is very effective even for small series of products.

Preparing graphical design

Podklady pro řezání je nutné připravit ve formě křivek tak, jak mají být vyřezány. Ideální je podklady poslat v souborech pro Corel Draw (*.cdr), Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) nebo exportované do *.pdf.Source data is needed to be prepaired as curves as it has to be cut. It is best to send as Cored Draw (*.crd), Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) or exported into *.pdf file.

In case of less demanding constructions we are ready to prepare the data for you as well.

preparing data for cutting

Cutting material with laser

We have experiences with following materials:

paper, Plexiglas, plywood

Using bounding box marks, we are able to reach good precision while cutting printed items.

In addition, we are still experimenting with other materials. The only sure limitation is the width of 8 mm. Are you interested in possibilities of cutting your material? Do not hesitate to contact us with your question.

laser cutting

Already done

Take a look at the results we have cutted before, using various shapes onto various materials.

Cutting plywood [more]

Plywood is not only good for engraving, but for cutting, if its width does not exceed 8 mm.

Combining engracing and cutting is the best way to cut engraved graphics with the best precision in any shapes needed.

cutting plywood

cutting plywood

Cutting Plexiglas [more]

Plexiglas is a good material not only for creating simple propagation items as well as LED illuminated labels.

cutting Plexiglas

cutting Plexiglas

Cutting balsa wood [more]

Cutting balsa wood is a perfect for modeler clubs, which need to cut more (especially same) pieces for planes.

Laser cutting can achieve cutting quickly, precisely and with much less fall-out.

cutting balsa wood

cutting balsa wood

Cutting paper [more]

Laser cutting paper is a quick way to cut any shapes. In combination with bound box marks it is possible to achieve good precision to cut printed graphics.

This is a good way to cut non-square postcards or even boxes.

cutting paper

cutting paper

Cutting charms

From all materials that can be cut, we are able to produce charms of nearly unlimited shapes.

Mostly we use plywood, Plexiglas (transparent or colorful) or various plastics.

key tag

key tag


Depending on the various hooks we may cut earrings from various-width materials, such as plywood or plastic.

laser-cut earring

laser-cut earring

Cutting with combination of materials

Any graphic that may be split into two or more parts may be cut from various materials and put together to combine various wood or plastic colors.

Due to hight precision cutting it is possible to design pieces to fit together without using a glue.

object made with combination of materials

object made with combination of materials

Cutting 3D objects

Not only cutting flat objects, but laser cutting is udeful for cutting any 3D objects, such as boxes or racks.

It is possible to use any cuttable material, such as paper, plywood or Plexiglas.

cutting 3D objects

cutting 3D objects

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